Программа курса на русском
AirTouch training world tour
Berlin • Germany • 2 days
August 27 – 28 / 29 , 2024
— Who is the class designed for?
— This is an advanced class meant for stylists, who:
  • Already uses AirTouch at work.
  • Understand separation;
  • Work with different planes of the head;
  • Understand how the strands are distributed, and what effects each separation gives;
  • Know how to work with packing strands in foil.

This course is not for beginners without experience with AirTouch. Strongly suggest attending AirTouch Fondation Level I prior signing up for this next level course. The fundamental knowledge obtained at the AirTouch Fondation Level I gets complemented by the skill set and deeper knowledge of working in difficult situations.

— What will I take away?
— The participants will learn how to:
  • Сombine separations with each other.
  • Аdapt and personalize the separations according to the size of the head and the desired result.
  • Аnalyze how separations and schemes affect the final drawing. How this or that division can be modified and transformed, so that the work becomes truly individual, and not a clone of the template solution.
  • Fight against unwanted shades, horizontal and longitudinal stripes, spots and color unevenness.
  • Master techniques for creating a dominant blond without overlapping the roots.
  • Master work with the layers remaining between the foil.
  • Change over highlights to AirTouch and back.
  • Change over total blond to AirTouch and back.
  • Study various types of the AirTouch correction, including corrections of both pure AirTouch without gaps, and with gaps.
  • Learn how to confidently approach complex cases, with safety of the client's hair being a top priority.

How many days does the training last?

— Two days.

The first day, August 27, (one for all students), is a theoretical preparation with demonstration and detailed explanation of the AirTouch method.

The second day, August 28 or 29, (two separate groups of students), is the practice of coloring under the guidance of Vladimir Sarbashev.

— What about the timing?

1 day • Theory & live demo

Registration begins at 9am.
Class starts at 10am till 7pm.

2 day • Guided hands-on

Class starts at 10am till 7pm.

— Location?
— The location will be announced 2 months before the start of training. Each student will be notified additionally.
Day 1 • August 27, 2024 • Theory
Day 2 • August 28, 2024 • Hands-on
See important addition below.
Day 1 • August 27, 2024 • Theory
Day 2 • August 29, 2024 • Hands-on
See important addition below.

— Additional information about the second day:

Тools to bring for Day 2 only:

• Tail comb,

• Detangling brush,

• Big comb,

• Round brushes,

• 14 hair clips,

• Hair straightener,

• Hair dryer,

• Colorist board.

Tools provided for Day 2 only:

• HairArt mannequin head,

• Сolor product,

• Headsheets.

— As an add-on:

Certification: Upon class completion, you'll get AirTouch Foundation certificate from Vladimir Sarbashev.
Dress code: Total black.
Class language: English, Russian.
Refund policy: Full refund only in case of class cancellation.
Safety policy: Mask optional.

— Have questions?

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