Программа курса на русском
AirTouch training world tour
Berlin • Germany • 2 days
August 21 – 22 / 23 , 2024
— Who is the class designed for?
— Experienced hairstylists & blond coloring experts.

— Training program?
  • AirTouch philosophy overview, with the deep dive into methodology together with the creator, Vladimir Sarbashev.
  • AirTouch vs. Balayage, Highlighting & Shatush.
  • Features and benefits of AirTouch.
  • Process overview: sections, partings, section size, foil size, hair strand tension, balance & hair dryer position.
  • Tools overview: layers, capture level, drawing.
  • Working off a hair strand.
  • Anatomy of pattern construction. Sections.
  • 5 patterns.
  • Classic method.
  • Fast technique.
  • Quick and easy correction.

— What will I take away?
  • Learn from Vladimir Sarbashev – the creator of AirTouch from raw idea to the ultimate technology.
  • Learn different AirTouch patterns. Apply them according to the anatomical head shape.
  • Master sectioning skill, high-quality folding methods, transformation from blonde to dark, all using AirTouch.
  • Learn angles. Grasp how strand affects pattern and overall perception of the work.
  • Find out how position of the hair dryer affects the quality and duration of your work.
  • Learn to apply AirTouch to different scenarios to create favorable outcomes.

— How many days does the training last?

— Two days.

The first day, August 21, (one for all students), is a theoretical preparation with demonstration and detailed explanation of the AirTouch method.

The second day, August 22 or 23, (two separate groups of students), is the practice of coloring under the guidance of Vladimir Sarbashev.

— What about the timing?

1 day • Theory & live demo

Registration begins at 9am.
Class starts at 10am till 7pm.

2 day • Guided hands-on

Class starts at 10am till 7pm.

— Location?
— The location will be announced 2 months before the start of training. Each student will be notified additionally.
Day 1 • August 21, 2024 • Theory
Day 2 • August 22, 2024 • Hands-on
See important addition below.
Day 1 • August 21, 2024 • Theory
Day 2 • August 23, 2024 • Hands-on
See important addition below.

— Additional information about the second day:

Тools to bring for Day 2 only:

• Tail comb,

• Detangling brush,

• Big comb,

• Round brushes,

• 14 hair clips,

• Hair straightener,

• Hair dryer,

• Colorist board.

Tools provided for Day 2 only:

• HairArt mannequin head,

• Сolor product,

• Headsheets.

— As an add-on:

Certification: Upon class completion, you'll get AirTouch Foundation certificate from Vladimir Sarbashev.
Dress code: Total black.
Class language: English, Russian.
Refund policy: Full refund only in case of class cancellation.
Safety policy: Mask optional.

— Have questions?

+7 915 347-01-68


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