Vladimir Sarbashev

AirTouch training world tour

First hand learning
from author AirTouch
— What is AirTouch?
— The most gentle and effective blond coloring method. More than 3.6 million publication under #AIRTOUCH in Instagram right now.
Unique color fade effect
Modern look & Personal touch
Highly sought-after technique
Sun-kissed hair

Perfect one & only color

Personal touch
— Who teach?
— Learn from Vladimir Sarbashev, the creator of AirTouch from raw idea to the ultimate original technology.
Vladimir Sarbashev
AirTouch patent owner
Entrepreneur who made himself
Hair fashion trailblazer
Owner & founder VS Academy
Owner & founder Subrosa Salon

Berlin • Germany

AirTouch Foundation, Level 1
Berlin • Germany
AirTouch ReTouch, Level 2